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Download our HT market report: Compatible products in South Korea

Sample data: Discover what the report includes

This report focuses on compatible devices in South Korea, which are hardware that can be used with consumables designed for other devices produced by large tobacco companies

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Market Data

Get global market data analysis

Get both an overview and in-depth analysis of the current market landscape in key territories

Market reports

Our market reports include market dynamics, market size, consumption patterns, competitor benchmarking and pricing, distribution patterns and much more.

Heated tobacco market database

This exclusive markets database provides key quarterly insights on heated tobacco front-runners all over the world. Our in-depth research covers 55 countries, including the leading markets of Japan, South Korea and Russia, as well as the US and Europe.

Heated tobacco pricing tracker

TobaccoIntelligence’s heated tobacco pricing tracker, updated each quarter, provides product pricing data for heated tobacco consumables and devices in 55 countries worldwide.

Compatible product trackers

The heated tobacco market is relatively unfragmented. But although Big Tobacco companies are the front-runners, in certain markets there has been an increase in competition from smaller companies. Use this tracker to follow the latest developments in heated tobacco compatible products.
Regulatory Data

Keep track of regulatory changes by region

User-friendly trackers and databases to help you understand where the law stands today

Regulatory reports

In-depth analysis of the regulatory landscape for individual jurisdictions around the world, including comprehensive coverage of all relevant regulatory and legal restrictions and compliance requirements in each major global market.

Heated tobacco regulatory database

The TobaccoIntelligence international heated tobacco regulatory tracker is your one-stop source for understanding legal frameworks across the globe for heated tobacco devices and consumables.

Europe regulatory tracker: heated tobacco flavour ban

This regulatory tracker will provide monthly updates on the transposal status of the Commission delegated directive regarding the ban on heated tobacco product flavours in every member state

Heated tobacco tax rates tracker

The TobaccoIntelligence heated tobacco tax tracker, updated each month, provides key insights on heated tobacco tax and regulation internationally.

Heated tobacco US laws and proposals

This tracker covers the regulation of heated tobacco in 50 US states and the District of Columbia, highlighting relevant bills that specifically target heated tobacco. It shows the intention of the state legislatures to specifically regulate such products (or not).

Regular data intelligence at your fingertips

Timely updates and strategic guidance

Data you cannot miss

Data insights

Text based data and analytical content

Heated tobacco SUP filters, EU requirements and transposition

Heated tobacco SUP filters, EU requirements and transposition

Guatemala: heated tobacco regulation, August 2023

Guatemala: heated tobacco regulation, August 2023

An overview of compatible heat-not-burn sticks - selected European markets

An overview of compatible heat-not-burn sticks - selected European markets

Romania: heated tobacco regulation, July 2023

Romania: heated tobacco regulation, July 2023

Data outputs

Statistics and data tracking

Europe regulatory tracker: heated tobacco flavour ban – EU member states' transposition status

Europe regulatory tracker: heated tobacco flavour ban – EU member states' transposition status

Global regulatory tracker: heated tobacco regulation, April

Global regulatory tracker: heated tobacco regulation, April

Heated tobacco markets database

Heated tobacco markets database

Heated tobacco pricing tracker

Heated tobacco pricing tracker

Our services

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Regular data intelligence

Get crucial and accurate strategic insights on a regular basis through subscription plans to drive business and navigate the complex nicotine and alternative tobacco market and regulatory landscape.



Reports store

Quick access to specific data

Not interested in a long-term commitment? Shop one-off data to gain a quick access to particular data analysis from our premium reports and datasets.

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Customised research

Tailored data analysis

If you need specific data for your business, use this cost-effective solution by contracting a tailored data analysis service

  • Your platform has become our main source of tracking global intelligence. Every aspect of heated tobacco data and insights your platform provides is exactly what we need. Honestly, it's not easy to gather different countries’ information if without TobaccoIntelligence. We highly appreciate your detailed information on regulation, tax and price. And the prompt updates on datum surprise me most. We also want to thank you for the follow-ups on the TPD.

    Chrisy Wu, Marketing Executive, Broadfar
    Chrisy Wu, Marketing Executive, Broadfar


What services does TobaccoIntelligence offer?

TobaccoIntelligence provides impartial, independent and premium market and regulatory analysis, legal tracking, and quantitative data for the nicotine and tobacco alternatives sector worldwide.

The alternative tobacco sector is fast-moving and occupy an opaque regulatory environment where businesses need to be on top of industry developments to make informed decisions and optimise their strategy. We provide guidance and data-based strategic insights focusing on consumer-facing products.

You can gain access to our exclusive data platform by purchasing an annual subscription-based service. However, we also provide customised analysis as well as the individual purchase of reports and databases in our shop.

What kind of information and data are included in the subscription service?

The subscription includes access to an online platform with extensive market and legal data. This includes data gathering, tracking, analysis and reporting, offered in a range of different easy-to-use data formats and subdivided by geographical areas. Each subscription plan gives you access to certain content types and regions, and covers a specific number of subscribers.

Get in touch with us to find out more about subscription plans.

How can a subscription plan help me?

You will gain access to timely, worldwide data in one place, improving your insight, efficiency and planning capabilities. You will have everything you need to:

  • - Anticipate legal changes and market trends
  • - Identify opportunities and be ahead of your competitors
  • - Analyse trends and challenges to evaluate their impact on your organisation
  • - Build your own reports to share information and strategy with your team members
  • - Optimise use of your own time and make informed and strategic decisions without risks
  • What are our sources of information?

    TobaccoIntelligence offers a consolidated, consistent methodology with its own proprietary model thanks to years of expertise dedicated exclusively to the cannabis sector. Our trusted team is made up of lawyers, economists and journalists. The core team is based in London and Barcelona, with support from a large team of regular correspondents and contributors in all key markets around the world. Our independence means you get access to information and frank, objective analysis that may not be available to other industry participants.

    In addition, we have direct contact with companies, governments, regulatory institutions, associations, and other stakeholders in all key markets, allowing us to offer deep and accurate insight to our clients.

    Is TobaccoIntelligence for me?

    If you are a manufacturer, retailer, regulator or government body, supply chain stakeholder, or trade body in the cannabis industry worldwide, TobaccoIntelligence will help you to do your job better. You will optimise resources with all the information you need on one platform, you will be ahead of your competitors, and you will make confident decisions based on a trustworthy source.

    How often is TobaccoIntelligence data updated?

    The frequency of data updates on TobaccoIntelligence depends on the type of analysis. We have a range of content that is updated at different times, which can be daily, monthly, quarterly, biannually or annually. Tracking data analysis has standard data updates due to the nature of the analysis, while other content types vary in their update frequency.

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