Market reports

The section includes all of our full-length market reports. These cover all major markets for heated tobacco and other products around the world, with some focusing on individual countries and markets, and others taking a broader approach and covering certain topics and specific products.

Swiss market dominated by open advanced systems

Written by Migle Malinovskyte || 5th December 2017 || Market reports |

The Swiss market is dominated by open advanced systems mostly purchased offline. Due to the country's nicotine ban Switzerland seems an ideal market for shake and vape e-liquids. Foreign shake and vape e-liquids, mostly imported from the...

Japan market fragmented with sales concentrated online

Written by Veronika Sianko || 15th June 2017 || Market reports |

Executive summary Electronic cigarettes have started to gain popularity after a sharp increase in tobacco taxes. The market of reduced-risk products in Japan seems to be dominated by heated tobacco rather than e-cigarettes, with iQOS leading the market...