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Brussels planning ahead for harmonised EU taxation of HnB late next year
Podcast: the future of the Tobacco Products Directive and EU taxation
Small packet label exemptions: a guide to European CLP regulation, part 3
PMTA deadline put back as US judge grants FDA the extra time it asked for
US FDA opens up nicotine toothpick question with health claim warning

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Ban public use, advertising and reduced-risk claims for HnB, says WHO group
Looking back over TobaccoIntelligence’s Year 1 – it wasn’t all bad news
HnB growth provides the silver lining to PMI’s declining overall earnings
PMI lowers expectation of IQOS uptake by half as lockdown hits Heets sales
EU states give a big thumbs up to tax harmony on heated tobacco and e-cigs
Next-generation products drive profits for British American Tobacco
China Tobacco launches new HnB system on South Korean market
PMI and Juul launch legal action against Chinese copyists
No softening likely in WHO’s antagonism to e-cigs and HnB
EU urges WHO to focus on heated tobacco, suggests advertising bans
COP8 tackles ‘growing challenge’ of vaping and ‘industry interference’
Heated tobacco products: the basics explained
Beyond Kungfu – China Tobacco ready to move further into vapour and HnB
Heated tobacco usage in South Korea: a consumer survey
ECigIntelligence heated tobacco market database