Premium reports HnB, oral tobacco and nicotine pouches regulation in Poland

HnB, oral tobacco and nicotine pouches regulation in Poland


Heated tobacco consumables are considered in Poland to be novel tobacco products.

Devices used for heating tobacco are not explicitly regulated by the law, however according to the Trade Inspection Authority they fall under the category of tobacco-related products, intended for use with tobacco products.

All kinds of tobacco products for oral use are banned, while tobacco-free pouches are subject to general consumer laws.

Tobacco products are the subject of intense regulatory activity and their availability, advertising and promotion are strictly regulated; however, law enforcement is not yet fully developed.


Date: 10th September 2021

No. pages: 15

Photo: Iwona Castiello d’Antonio



1 Executive summary
2 Outlook
3 Poland: the basics
4 National regulatory framework
5 Age restrictions
6 Product restrictions
7 Labelling and packaging
8 Obligation to notify
9 Retail channel restrictions
10 Public usage
11 Advertising and marketing
12 Taxation
13 Relevant laws
14 Relevant bodies