What is the most likely EU regulatory regime for tobacco-free snus?



1 Introduction
2 What is tobacco-free snus?
3 What are the existing options?
4 Could tobacco-free snus be regulated as a consumer product?
5 Might it be regulated as any other tobacco-related or tobacco product under the TPD?
6 Might it be regulated as a food product?
7 Might it be regulated under medicinal/pharma regulations?
8 Conclusion


TobaccoIntelligence analysis indicates that, considering the existing EU legal framework, and despite the lack of clarity, tobacco-free snus (often referred to as “white pouch”, though there are also some white pouches that contain tobacco) is most likely to fall under a general consumer product regime. However, regulation as a medicine cannot be ruled out, given the novelty of the products and lack of consistent approach.

We anticipate that most EU member states will opt for a general consumer product regime; but this may not be the case for all.

Dues to its intrinsic characteristics, tobacco-free snus sits between several regulatory regimes. As such, uncertainty is quite prevalent and that is hampering full development.

This report analyses the existing options and explains which is most likely to apply to the product.

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