PMI first launched its flagship heated tobacco device IQOS in Japan in 2014, and claims it is now used by 12.7m consumers across the world.

Read our independently researched coverage of the rise of IQOS at the TobaccoIntelligence IQOS hub, including international launches, marketing, and regulatory concerns. Also featured is news of PMI’s and Altria’s corporate issues, and the activities of IQOS’s heated tobacco rivals.

IQOS is PMI’s flagship heated tobacco product. PMI first launched the device in 2014 in Japan and Italy and claims it is now available in more than 64 countries.

IQOS has been backed by PMI’s powerful marketing strategy, which includes large advertising campaigns, sponsoring events and promotion via the use of social media influencers. These activities have received some backlash from anti-tobacco groups, however, and have been subjected to sanctions from the government.

But it’s not without its rivals. Other Big Tobacco firms are building up their portfolios of ‘next-generation tobacco products’ with new slick heated tobacco devices designed to challenge the dominance of IQOS and take market share from PMI.

It will be an interesting space to watch so keep up to date with our regular news briefings and reports on IQOS and its challenger brands, along with independently researched data on regulatory and market activity impacting the market for heated tobacco products around the world.