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TobaccoIntelligence global alerts database: September

6th September 2021 - Regulatory data |

All the stories from the TobaccoIntelligence regulatory Live Alerts in one user-friendly database, updated every month.
This regulatory tool consolidates all of our global regulatory Live Alerts, collected in Excel database format, allowing you to filter information by date, region, country and legislative area.

Regulatory tracker: global regulation of tobacco-free pouches September

6th September 2021 - Regulatory data |

This regulatory tracker provides a summary of the regulation of tobacco-free pouches globally as specified by the authorities in each country in answer to TobaccoIntelligence’s inquiries or after specific information has otherwise emerged. Its purpose is to provide an objective overview of regulation across the selected countries rather than our analysis or hypothesis regarding the most likely scenario.

Will nicotine be the next menthol?

7th May 2021 - Blog , Business briefing |

The big news from the US Food and Drug Administration last week was a ban on menthol in combustible cigarettes, closing off a loophole that had allowed this one flavour to be marketed even after all others were forbidden. It may not happen any time soon – the agency’s cautiously-worded announcement said only that it is “working […]

The market for nicotine alternatiaves is a fast-moving one in a period of rapid change and growth, so it’s important for industry stakeholders to keep on top of the latest developments.

2021 looks set to become another significant year for the tobacco-alternatives industry, with new regulations on the horizon – and hopefully some light at the end of the tunnel after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Taxation will once again be one of the hot topics in Europe, with a final decision due from the European Commission on introducing a harmonised tax scheme for heated tobacco products.

A roadmap will be put through a consultation process in the first quarter of 2021 before the final decision is taken in the third quarter of the year.

Another significant date is the end of May when Brussels will publish the Tobacco Products Directive impact assessment, which is expected to shape near-future policies towards tobacco alternatives.

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