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Essential data on UK consumer insights

Does vaping lead to smoking?

Get a helpful summary of our survey’s results, which will allow you to identify patterns and gain insight into consumer behaviour relating to nicotine products

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    This extract includes insights about:

    • First nicotine experience
    • Evolution of consumer mapping from vaping to smoking
    • Demographic and respondent profiles
    • Type of devices at entry stage in the journey

    The full report includes:

    • A focus on the nicotine consumption journey in the UK
    • Analysis of the time periods for which respondents have used tobacco alternatives (vaping products and nicotine pouches)
    • Reasons to try nicotine alternatives for the first time
    • Consumer profiles
    • Usage behaviour and consumption journey
    • Reasons for switching from one nicotine alternative to another
    • Answers to the questions asked many times in the tobacco alternatives space: does using tobacco alternatives make an individual more prone to also using traditional cigarettes, or are these alternatives a viable option for smokers to quit nicotine altogether?

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    • Tobaccointelligence is a wonderful one stop platform for all the regulatory and market information one can obtain on HTP's, Tobacco news and ONP's. The classified data under respective category is exceptional. Would look forward to the team to cover tobacco control news as well.

      Vincent, Assistant Technologist, ITC
      Vincent, Assistant Technologist, ITC

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    If you are professionally involved or interested in the alternative tobacco industry, provide consultancy, legal or financial services and you need data on the UK consumer market, this summary will bring you essential insights for your business

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