Telephone conference consultancy

With a market-leading team of lawyers and analysts, TobaccoIntelligence provides telephone consultations with key members of our analysis team to:

  • Provide a structured and informed overview of the current tobacco and nicotine market and growth prospects for the category
  • Give consolidated insight, complementary to our detailed research products, and adapted to specific customer needs
  • Answer specific questions about a particular market or regulatory landscape based on a pre-agreed agenda, including detailed key indices
  • Detail regulatory and legal factors which might impact particular areas of key markets going forward
  • Provide further detail and insight into research already published on a syndicated basis, giving unpublished detail on particular aspects of interest.

We provide this service both indirectly through expert network consultants, and directly to clients in the financial, operational and health sectors who want informed, unbiased and comprehensive insights to guide their investment and operational strategies. Many of our consultations are pre-due diligence phase in acquisition projects, and to guide strategy and management teams who are new to the sector.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs in more depth.