Alternative tobacco and nicotine products in Indonesia

Although the Indonesian government claims to be working on a new national standard for heated tobacco products, we don’t expect it to be implemented before 2022. When it comes to snus and nicotine pouches, TobaccoIntelligence believes that the authorities will not intensify the enforcement in the near future. Tax on heated tobacco products is to remain unchanged throughout 2021. On this page you will find all the market and regulatory analysis needed to comprehend the complex heated tobacco, snus and tobacco-free snus market in Indonesia.

The Indonesian Ministry of Industry has been holding discussions on a new Indonesian National Standard (SNI) for e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products since 2020. 

Edy Sutopo, the ministry’s director general for tobacco products, confirmed to TobaccoIntelligence that this forthcoming SNI would aim to assist the tobacco-alternatives market, including heated tobacco. Sutopo said the government would act as facilitator, bringing together producers and consumers to reach an agreement on how the products would be standardised. We understand that though the Ministry of Industry plans to finish its work soon, it may take more time to get the plan approved and implemented.

An SNI would be required for every product manufactured or imported into Indonesia and, if approved, it could be an important step towards the quality and compliance of tobacco-alternative products sold in the country.

Our legal analysts will keep you informed of further developments.