TobaccoIntelligence training centre

Welcome to our client training section. Here you can ease into things by watching our demo tours that cover the different content types we offer.

We suggest watching the videos on a full screen. Please allow a few seconds for the video to load if you see the text a bit blurred.

Introduction to TobaccoIntelligence

Discover how TobaccoIntelligence can help your business. Provides an explanation of what is TobaccoIntelligence service, what you can use it for and the data we provide.

Herbal heated sticks tracker tutorial

This interactive and user-friendly dashboard showcases data for herbal heated stick products in nine markets, including four Asian markets – Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Russia – as well as five European markets – the UK, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, and Hungary. It covers trends in the number of products offered, pricing, flavour, and nicotine strength, broken down by country and brand, starting from Q3 2022.

Introduction to TobaccoIntelligence (Chinese subtitles)