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23rd September 2022 - Europe, Spain |
Spain: The government of Catalonia is preparing a regulation that would ban smoking on bar and restaurant terraces and at the entrances of schools, press reports. The measure is aimed at reducing the smoking population in the region. To date it has not been detailed whether the prohibition would also cover heated tobacco or vaping products. According to the last Health Survey of Catalonia, the smoking prevalence amounted to 22.6% of the population in 2021.
23rd September 2022 - North America, Tennessee, United States |
US - Tennessee: An ordinance to prohibit smoking and the use of vapour products in certain age-restricted establishments such as bars and music venues that was discussed in the Metropolitan Council of Nashville and Davidson County was deferred for a second time on 20th September; it was previously deferred on 16th August. Many owners of bars for over-21s are complaining, saying that this ordinance will drive them out of business, local news reports.
23rd September 2022 - Europe, Ukraine |
Ukraine: The public organisation Centre of Civic Representation “Zhyttia” (“Live”) is conducting an information campaign called “Schools without nicotine and tobacco” in ten schools in Lviv Oblast (a region in the western part of Ukraine with a population of 2.5m) from September to November, media reports. The project, which was implemented in other regions last year, has support from the WHO, allowing Ukraine to raise awareness among schoolchildren about the health risks of tobacco and nicotine.
22nd September 2022 - Belgium, Europe |

Belgium: The standstill period to submit comments on a proposal to ban nicotine pouches and cannabinoid-containing pouches, which was due to end on 16th September, has been extended until 16th December following comments by Croatia and Sweden and a detailed opinion by Hungary. The proposal was notified to the EU TRIS Database by the Belgian government in June. The stated aim of the ban is to prevent both known and potential adverse health effects of using these new products, to discourage their use by young people, and to avoid any damage to anti-tobacco efforts.

22nd September 2022 - Asia, Malaysia |

Malaysia: Health minister Khairy Jamaluddin has said he expects to finalise the review of the Tobacco and Smoking Control Bill 2022 next week with the parliamentary special select committee in order to table it again in the upcoming parliamentary session, which starts on 3rd October, press reports. Khairy said MPs were generally in favour of the bill, which proposes a ban on tobacco products for those born on or after 1st January 2007, and that most of the issues raised during the bills first reading had been resolved by the committee.

22nd September 2022 - Europe, Slovakia |

Slovakia: An amendment to bring nicotine pouches under the Act on the Production, Labelling and Sale of Tobacco and Related Products moved to its second reading in the National Council yesterday, media reports. In addition to labelling requirements, the amendment reportedly seeks to introduce age limits, and a cap of 20 mg of nicotine per pouch. If it receives final approval in parliament and from president Zuzana Čaputová, the rules will be effective from January 2023.

22nd September 2022 - Russia, World |

Russia: Russia may adopt World Health Organization (WHO) standards in tackling illegal tobacco. Izvestia reports that the Ministry of Health has prepared a new version of a government decree and a draft law on “the accession of the Russian Federation to the protocol on the elimination of illicit trade in tobacco products”. Russia has been a member of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) since 2008.

21st September 2022 - Europe |

EU: The European Commission has announced that it is to begin the “Targeted revision of the EU system of tobacco traceability”, which has been assigned to Committee C47900. The Commission plans to adopt the revision in the fourth quarter of 2022. Currently, traceability obligations apply only to cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco, but from 20th May 2024, they will be extended to all tobacco products.

21st September 2022 - Europe, Spain |

Spain: The largest anti-tobacco organisation in Spain, the Smoking Prevention Committee (CNPT), has launched a campaign against tobacco and nicotine products with the hashtag #stophumotabaconicotina (stop smoke, tobacco, and nicotine). The CNPT is urging the government to pass the regulations on tobacco and vaping products that it announced several months ago.

21st September 2022 - Europe |

EU: Sources within the Council of the European Union have told TobaccoIntelligence that the Working Party on Public Health today agreed to raise no objections to the Commission Delegated Directive on the withdrawal of certain exemptions for heated tobacco products, and amending the EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) to place a flavour ban on heat-not-burn (HnB) products. The decision must be confirmed next week by the Permanent Representatives Committee (Coreper) before moving on to the Council (ministerial level). The scrutiny period, during which the Council and the European Parliament can raise objections, ends on 29th October.

21st September 2022 - Europe, Netherlands |

Netherlands: The government is planning to make smoking more expensive by increasing the excise tax on combustible cigarettes, cigars and smoking (rolling) tobacco a category which is also understood to include heated tobacco consumables. Under the 2023 Tax Plan, the rate will rise to €211.24 per kg on 1st April 2023, and again to €261.58 per kg on 1st April 2024. The proposal has yet to be approved by the House of Representatives and the Senate.

20th September 2022 - Michigan, North America, United States |

US - Michigan: A number of bills were to be heard today in the Senate Committee on Regulatory Reform, including Senate Bill 572SB 573SB 574 and SB 575, all of which relate to the regulation of tobacco and vapour products. SB 572 would further tax consumable materials at 18% of the wholesale price if part of an open vapour system or $0.60 per ml if contained in a closed-system cartridge; alternative nicotine products would be taxed at $0.50 per oz on the basis of net weight of the product as listed by the manufacturer.

20th September 2022 - Asia, Kazakhstan |

Kazakhstan: A small group of deputies has proposed a reduction in the excise tax rates on heated tobacco products, media reports. However, deputy economy minister Azamat Amrin and health ministry representative Gulnara Sarsenbayeva are both reportedly opposed to the proposal.

19th September 2022 - North America, United States |
US-federalDemocratic senator from Illinois Dick Durbin has spoken on the Senate floor about the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s failure to meet e-cigarette and synthetic nicotine deadlines, unwillingness to take action against companies that ignore the agency’s orders, and general lack of urgency when it comes to protecting children from these products. He stated: “The FDA has the legal right and authority to pull these products off the shelves, but with respect to illegal e-cigarettes, they do nothing.”
19th September 2022 - Asia, Saudi Arabia |
Saudi Arabia: The Board of Directors of the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority has issued the decision No. 570/2022 approving the amendments to the executive by-law on excise tax. According to the decision, importers and producers of excise goods will now be obliged to disclose the tax to the authority within a period of 15 days from the date of the tax due. In addition, a warehouse will be eligible for licensing as a tax warehouse if it acquires an average of 250,000 units of alternative tobacco products, as opposed to the previous 500,000.
16th September 2022 - Europe, Italy |
Italy: One new flavour of heated tobacco consumables had been notified to the Customs and Monopolies Agency (ADM). ADM also updated the excise duty and prices of four other flavours.
16th September 2022 - North America, United States |
US - Federal: Brian King, the new director of the US Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) said in an interview that his priorities include reaching populations that have been affected by tobacco, informing young people about the dangers of vaping, and making policies, such as flavour restrictions. He said: “The menthol and cigar flavors rulemakings, as well as work related to making cigarettes minimally or non-addictive, are just a few examples of our ongoing work toward meaningful change to achieve health equity”.
16th September 2022 - Europe |
EU: The European Commission has recently published the tentative agenda for forthcoming Commission meetings, which includes the list of items that will be discussed. The revision of the tobacco taxation Directive is among the items to be discussed through an oral procedure, a discussion that is expected to take place on 7th December 2022. The revision seeks to harmonise the taxation of new products, such as heated tobacco products and modern oral products.
16th September 2022 - Europe |
EU: On 21st September, the Council of the European Union Working Party on Public Health is set to discuss the Commission Delegated Directive on the withdrawal of certain exemptions in respect of heated tobacco products, amending the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) to establish a flavour ban for heat-not-burn (HnB) products. The discussion comes within the scrutiny period that the delegated directive has to undergo, which was extended on 18th July by the Agriculture and Fisheries Council for two months more.
15th September 2022 - Europe, Sweden |
Sweden: Social Democrat prime minister Magdalena Andersson resigned today, conceding victory in the country’s general election to the four-party right-wing opposition bloc, led by Ulf Kristersson of the conservative Moderates. While tobacco control policies were not central to the campaign, the right-wing parties have opposed Social Democratic policies and in May voted against the proposal to ban flavoured vapour products. The far-right Sweden Democrats wish to lift the EU ban on snus, claiming Sweden has the lowest rate of tobacco-related deaths; their possible coalition partners the Christian Democrats propose an increase in excise duty on tobacco products; and the centre-right Liberals’ manifesto focuses on the introduction of more prevention and awareness campaigns.
13th September 2022 - Alaska, North America, United States |

US - Alaska: The anti-taxation think tank Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) has applauded governor Mike Dunleavy’s decision to veto Senate Bill 45, which would have raised from 19 to 21 the legal age to purchase, sell, exchange or possess tobacco, nicotine-containing products, or e-cigarettes. The bill would also have levied a 35% tax on the wholesale price of all e-cigarette products. ATR’s director of consumer issues, Tim Andrews, said: “Rejecting the tax hike will also make it easier for those who currently smoke to achieve cessation using vapour products.”

13th September 2022 - South America, Uruguay |

Uruguay: The Health Ministry has published a list of criteria for the approval of tobacco products, including heated tobacco. They include a ban on the use on packaging of messages that suggest products are less risky to health, including naming ingredients or including words such as “light” or “mild”.

13th September 2022 - Europe, Iceland |

Iceland: The Ministry of Finance and Economy yesterday presented the draft Budget for 2023, which was being submitted to Parliament today. As it stands, it would bring an increase of 7.7% on the tobacco tax applicable to heated tobacco products.

Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU): Following a decision by the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission, up to 200 heated tobacco consumables can be imported duty-free into the EAEU the economic union of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia for personal use. This will apply from 8th October to over-21s entering Kazakhstan and to over-18s in the other EAEU member states.

12th September 2022 - Europe, Sweden |
Sweden: With more than 90% of the ballots counted from yesterday’s (11th September) national elections, the right-wing bloc formed by the Moderates, Sweden Democrats, Christian Democrats and Liberals has a slight advantage over the centre-left parties, led by the ruling Swedish Social Democratic Party. However, the official results will not be available before Wednesday, 14th September. Although tobacco control policies have not been central to this campaign, the right-wing parties have not supported some of the Social Democratic policies and, for example, in May voted against the proposal to ban flavoured vapour products. The Sweden Democrats aim to lift the EU ban on snus, claiming that Sweden has the lowest rate of tobacco-related deaths; while the Christian Democrats propose to increase excise duty on tobacco products, and the Liberals’ manifesto focuses on the introduction of more prevention and awareness campaigns.
12th September 2022 - Europe, Italy |
Italy: The Customs and Monopolies Agency (ADM) enacted two circulars implementing the regulatory framework for nicotine pouches, first regulated in February 2022 through Law 15/2022. The circulars establish requirements for manufacturers, importers and retailers, but they did not introduce any restrictions on nicotine pouch ingredients, packaging or advertising.
12th September 2022 - Asia, Jordan |
Jordan: Today, 12th September, the House of Representatives approved the Child Rights bill. The new law considers smoking in the presence of children, even by parents or other family members, an attack on their health and physical well-being. The law dictates fines ranging from JOD100 ($140) to JOD300 ($425) for smoking or vaping in front of children. The use of tobacco, whether it is smoked, sucked, chewed or inhaled, is considered a category of smoking according to Public Health Law No. 47/2008 and the “standards for tobacco and nicotine products, including electronic ones”.
12th September 2022 - Europe, Spain |
Spain: In October, for the first time in 18 years, new 25-year licences (a total of 203) to operate a state-owned tobacconist will go out to tender. According to the law, state-owned tobacconists are the only retail outlets allowed to sell tobacco-containing products (sales are also allowed in vending machines located in fuel stations, restaurants, and other adult-only facilities). This initiative has been harshly criticised by anti-tobacco organisations, namely the president of Nofumadores, Raquel Fernández Megina, who has said it is a “suspicious” move and a consequence of the economic situation, as she found it contradictory to the government’s tobacco control plans (which reportedly have stalled).
12th September 2022 - North America, United States |
US - Federal: Democratic senator from Illinois Dick Durbin has called on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to complete its premarket review of e-cigarettes, claiming the agency has failed to meet the one-year court-ordered deadline to review them. The FDA has said it does not anticipate completing its review of the most popular e-cigarette products on the market until 2023, which Durbin finds a very harmful delay. Specifically, Durbin states that the FDA is not using its enforcement authority to stop the sale of illegally marketed e-cigarettes, even after having sent them warning letters. The senator further wrote that the agency refused to use its authority to regulate the synthetic nicotine marketplace; while the FDA has not authorised a single one of those products, they remain widely available.
12th September 2022 - Czech Republic, Europe |
Czech Republic: Markéta Lavrenčíková, corporate and legal affairs manager for Imperial Brands in the Czech Republic, said in an interview that this year the directive on single-use plastics was implemented into the Czech legal system. The new legislation introduces a complete ban on certain single-use plastic items, and also targets some tobacco products, specifically those containing filters. It obliges tobacco companies to reimburse municipalities for the costs associated with clearing cigarette butts from public spaces and to organise awareness campaigns on how to properly dispose of these products. Tobacco manufacturers are currently discussing how they will fulfil their individual obligations.
9th September 2022 - North America, United States |
US - Federal: The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has launched a non-tobacco nicotine (NTN) product website that includes up-to-date information about premarket review progress and enforcement actions. As of 6th September, the FDA has issued refuse-to-accept (RTA) letters for more than 800,000 NTN products in applications submitted by 14th May that do not meet the criteria for acceptance; this includes more than 700,000 new RTAs since 3rd August. In total, the FDA has accepted over 350 applications for NTN products, with the vast majority being for e-cigarette or e-liquid products.
9th September 2022 - Asia, Malaysia |
Malaysia: Minister of Health Khairy Jamaluddin said today, 9th September, that “if there are no obstacles, the parliamentary special select committee report [on the Tobacco and Smoking Control Bill 2022] will be completed by the end of this month to allow it to be tabled again in the next Parliamentary session”.
9th September 2022 - Europe |
EU: A draft of the 2022 version of the Data Dictionary on Tobacco Products has been published on the CIRCABC (Communication and Information Resource Centre for Administrations, Businesses and Citizens) website, a platform developed by the European Commission that serves as an information exchange tool used by its directorates-general, committees and advisory bodies, as well as by relevant stakeholders. The Data Dictionary on Tobacco Products, the final version of which is due to be published on 15th September, provides guidelines on what information must be submitted to notify novel tobacco products via the EU Common Entry Gate (EU-CEG).
9th September 2022 - Asia, Malaysia |
Malaysia: The parliamentary special select committee (PSSC) responsible for assessing the Tobacco and Smoking Control Bill 2022 that proposes a ban on the sale of tobacco products to anyone born after 2007 generally agreed yesterday to drop Section 17(1)(c) on the ban of possession of tobacco products for anyone born from 1st January 2007, but to retain Sections 17(1)(a) and (b), which prohibit these individuals from using said products, press reports.
8th September 2022 - Russia, World |
Russia: The Ministry of Health is in favour of labelling vapes with a warning about their dangers and creating packaging for them containing frightening images, media reports. However, the ministry believes that first such labelling requirements need to be included in the draft technical regulation of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU - an economic union of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia) for nicotine-containing products, which is currently being developed. Including such requirements to the technical regulation would mean that they would be also applicable to heated tobacco, as the Eurasian Economic Commission previously told TobaccoIntelligence that heated tobacco would fall under the nicotine-containing product category.
8th September 2022 - Europe, United Kingdom |
UK: Junior health secretary Maggie Throup said that the new Tobacco Control Plan will be published “in due course”.
7th September 2022 - Europe, Ukraine |

Ukraine: Parliament yesterday rejected amendments N20 and N21 to Bill 5616 “On the legal protection of geographical indications for agricultural products”, which would have allowed vaping and heated tobacco use in some “specially designated” public areas, media reports. The amendments had been criticised for attempting to introduce matters unrelated to the main subject of the bill, which is prohibited under parliament regulations.

7th September 2022 - Europe |

EU: The European Commission has set 11th October as a deadline for its preliminary review of Philip Morris International (PMI)’s $16bn takeover bid for Swedish Match, which was announced in May. The Commission will decide either to clear the deal, with or without conditions, or to move on to a four-month phase 2 investigation.

7th September 2022 - Europe, Slovakia |

Slovakia: The National Smoke-Free Day festival will take place tomorrow in the capital, Bratislava. Among other activities, adult visitors will reportedly be instructed about the main risks associated with nicotine and tobacco use, including smoke-free alternatives.

6th September 2022 - Africa, Egypt |

Egypt: A legal clarification has been issued by the Customs ِAuthority, imposing an additional tax on oral tobacco sold in duty-free stores. The clarification, following Law No. 2/2018 obliges duty-free companies to pay 10% tax on the retail selling price for the benefit of the health insurance system, in addition to 14% VAT. The tax will also apply to cigarettes and shisha, but not to e-cigarettes or heated tobacco.

5th September 2022 - Asia, Bahrain |
Bahrain: The National Bureau for Revenue announced yesterday that from 16th October all cigarettes available for sale must be marked with distinctive digital stamps as laid down by decree No. 3/2022, issued in May. From that date any cigarettes not having the digital stamp will either be destroyed or confiscated. The system is to be extended later to include other tobacco products such as heated tobacco, hookahs and e-cigarettes.
5th September 2022 - South America, Uruguay |

Uruguay: Miguel Asqueta, director general of the Ministry of Health, has said that Decree 87/2021, which authorised the sale of heated tobacco products, did not originate from the ministry, which did not support it, press reports. He added that no company had applied for a permit to import or market heated tobacco. His comments followed criticism of the decree by representative Sandra Etcheverry of the government centre-right National Party.

2nd September 2022 - Europe, Iceland |
Iceland: Following the amendments to the Law on E-cigarettes and Refills to include nicotine pouches within the scope of the law, the government has published two new regulations. Regulation 992/2022 on marketing notifications, licensing, and ingredients of nicotine products, e-cigarettes and refills containing nicotine sets out the notification procedure for nicotine pouches, the procedure to obtain a licence to sell them, and a maximum nicotine content of 20 mg/g. Regulation 991 on the packaging of nicotine products, e-cigarettes and refills containing nicotine establishes labelling requirements, including the specific health warning requirements for nicotine pouches.
2nd September 2022 - Asia, India |
India: The Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution is cracking down on advertising agencies to ensure strict compliance with the guidelines for preventing misleading advertisement, especially surrogate advertising. The ministry noticed that these guidelines are not being complied with, and prohibited goods – such as chewing tobacco and gutkha – are still being advertised through surrogate goods and services. The ministry has also reiterated that the guidelines are equally applicable to the manufacturers of chewing tobacco.
1st September 2022 - Europe, Iceland |

Iceland: An amendment to the Law on E-cigarettes and Refills requiring nicotine pouches to carry information on the amount of nicotine that they contain, as well as a health warning, comes into force today, 1st September. The specific requirements of the health warnings on nicotine pouches remain unclear, as the regulation setting them out only applies to e-cigarettes.

31st August 2022 - Europe, Switzerland |

Switzerland: The Federal Council has submitted for consultation a draft bill to amend the Tobacco Products Act after a majority of voters in a referendum in February supported a proposal by the campaign group Children Without Tobacco to prevent tobacco and vaping advertising from reaching children and young people. The ban would include advertising in newspapers, at open-air events and online. The consultation will remain open until 30th November and the government expects the preliminary draft to be submitted to the Federal Assembly in the first half of 2023.

31st August 2022 - Asia, China |

China (Macau): The Macau Legislative Assembly has unanimously approved a government amendment to the New Tobacco Control Law, which prohibits the manufacture, import, export, distribution and transport of oral tobacco and heated tobacco. Until now, both wholesale and retail have been prohibited in Macau, a special administrative region.

30th August 2022 - Europe, Germany |

Germany: The president of the German Medical Association, Klaus Reinhardt, and the Association of Health Insurance Companies have criticised the financial package presented by health minister Karl Lauterbach to increase statutory health insurance contributions, media reports. The two associations say the increase could be avoided by using part of the excise revenue from tobacco and alcohol to support the health system. Heated tobacco has been specifically taxed in Germany since the start of the year.