Herbal heated sticks tracker trial and tutorial

This interactive and user-friendly dashboard showcases data for herbal heated stick products in nine markets, including four Asian markets – Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Russia – as well as five European markets – the UK, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, and Hungary. It covers trends in the number of products offered, pricing, flavour, and nicotine strength, broken down by country and brand, starting from Q3 2022.

You can now trial the interactive herbal heated sticks tracker below.


Reasons to buy

    • Understand the product evolution and trends in the herbal heated stick market
    • Compare products available in nine countries (more may be added depending on how the market is evolving)
    • Identify and analyse the most prominently carried brands, examining their pricing, flavour and nicotine content
    • Compare their pricing with that of the tobacco-containing brands
    • Access categorised and clean data for the latest quarter for in-house analysis
  • Discover opportunities to enhance your business and competitiveness.

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The new and exclusive TobaccoIntelligence herbal heated sticks tracker offers comparative insights for professionals across different sectors of the herbal heated stick industry. Whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor, investor, or looking to enhance your brand, this tracker empowers you to plan your strategy with confidence.

Update rate Quarterly: data gathered in the last month of each quarter
Archive analysis period Quarterly from Q3 2022
Markets covered Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, Germany, the UK, Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary
Data sources Online: multi-brand retailers carrying the products (excluding their own brand website)
Data-points analysed (all tracked quarters) c.3,000
Individual products for which cleaned raw data is available each quarter c.750
Categories analysed
  • Product and brand count
  • Price
  • Nicotine strength (%)
  • Flavour categories (e.g. fruit, tobacco, etc.)
Data splits Country, brand

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Trial dashboard

The visualisation below is a trial version and does not provide real analysis for any country.

Dashboard description

Users can navigate through four tabs in the dashboard:


Products tab

In this tab, users can find an overview of the analysed products, categorised by quarter and country. Users can also select their preferred region (Asia or Europe), and only countries within that chosen region will be displayed.

The bottom chart provides a breakdown of the brands found in each country at any given time, including information on the number of products, prices, distinct flavours, and distinct nicotine strengths. This chart serves as a snapshot of the more detailed breakdown available in other tabs.

Price tab

The price tab offers four interactive charts. The top-left graph presents a quarterly line graph showing the average price of products on a country level.

The top-right graph displays the average price of individual brands in a selected country during a specific period. Hovering over the graph also provides a country-level brand comparison.

The bottom-left graph showcases a price comparison between herbal sticks and tobacco-containing sticks. By selecting a country, you can see the average price evolution for both types.

The bottom-right graph offers a similar breakdown but at a brand level, comparing the average price of individual brands with a specific tobacco-containing stick brand.

All prices are displayed in USD to facilitate country comparisons.


Flavour tab

In this tab, the first chart illustrates the distribution of flavour categories in each country. Users can select a specific quarter to view. Hovering over the graph provides a price comparison between flavour categories.

The bottom pie charts further divide flavour categories into flavour subcategories and specific flavours. Users can activate these subcategories by clicking successively on the graph before.


Nicotine tab

The nicotine tab allows for a comparison of nicotine strength distribution in each country. Hovering over the graph provides a price comparison between various nicotine strength levels.

The bottom graph can be activated by clicking on the first graph, which then shows the number of products by nicotine strength at a brand level.

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