Nicotine pouches demo tracker

The TobaccoIntelligence Nicotine Pouch Product Tracker, available exclusively to subscribers, provides a detailed, comparative analysis of thousands of products in the largest nicotine pouch markets around the world (the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the US).

This interactive tool allows users to track key product attributes in the online market such as pouch and can format, nicotine content, flavour, price (including offline data where relevant), manufacturing origin and customer reviews. A detailed methodology for this tracker is also provided.

As a further benefit to subscribers, full data sets are available to users to carry out benchmarking and detailed analysis and can be downloaded as an Excel (.xlxs) file.

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    This product is available in full in our market data section, as part of our subscription plans. If you already have this product, please refer to our data sections.

    Please note, the data in this trial version is for example purposes only and may be out of date. To obtain full access or to understand better what this product offers, please contact us.


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    This article was written by one of TobaccoIntelligence’s international correspondents. We currently employ more than 40 reporters around the world to cover individual nicotine markets.