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TobaccoIntelligence’s platform is dedicated to ensuring you find everything you need in one place. All our content types are designed to cover specific business needs through different modules, displaying both market and regulatory data.

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News analysis

With our news analysis, you will get relevant and time-sensitive market and regulatory data and information sourced from our international network of journalists and analysts.

These short pieces of information include objective well-balanced analysis and unrivaled access to leading stakeholders and industry sources. They offer TobaccoIntelligence’s experts summary of events and analysis.

Market reports

Get all the necessary tools to retain your competitive edge and understand the various factors that impact your business with our in-depth market analysis reports. You will gain deep knowledge on how the market landscape operates and evolves which will help you tailor your business strategy and make smart decisions.

Our market reports include market dynamics, market size, consumption patterns, competitor benchmarking and pricing, distribution patterns and much more.

Regulatory Reports

In-depth analysis of global regulatory landscape for individual country markets, including comprehensive coverage of all relevant regulatory and legal restrictions and compliance requirements in each major global market.

Market data

This section offers market data ouputs, insights and statistics through interactive tools such as market dashboards, excel databases, charts and much more. Some examples are:

  • Heated Tobacco compatible products database: discover original research and insights which include product prices, availability, and hardware and consumable specifications of available compatible hardware devices and consumables in different regions.
  • Heated Tobacco markets database: provides key quarterly insights on heated tobacco frontrunners all over the world. Our in-depth research covers 55 countries, including the leading markets of Japan, South Korea and Russia, as well as the US and Europe.
  • Heated Tobacco pricing: provides product pricing data for both heated tobacco consumables and devices in 55 countries worldwide.

And many more!

Regulatory data

We know that to monitor and manage regulatory data is a challenge as the information is not easy to obtain, interpret or analyse. Solve these challenges with a timeless and effortless solution thanks to our comprehensive trackers and databases. Some examples are:

    • Heated Tobacco Tax Tracker: provides key insights on heated tobacco (heat-not-burn, or HnB) tax and regulation internationally.
    • Compliance calendar:provides key regulatory deadline dates applicable to the heated tobacco, oral tobacco and other alternative tobacco sectors in key markets all over the world.
    • Global reguation of tobacco-free pouches: provides a summary of the regulation of tobacco-free pouches globally as specified by the authorities in each country in answer to TobaccoIntelligence’s inquiries or after specific information has otherwise emerged. Its purpose is to provide an objective overview of regulation across the selected countries rather than our analysis or hypothesis regarding the most likely scenario.
    • US state regulatory tracker of heated tobacco products: covers heated tobacco regulation in 25 US states and highlights relevant bills that specifically target heated tobacco products. It shows the intention of the state legislatures on specifically regulating heated tobacco products (or not).

And many more!

Daily news alerts

This service offers a short summary of key regulatory changes delivered daily to your inbox from our leading data-gathering team. It also includes a monthly consolidated interactive/filtered downloadable database (Excel) of alerts, allowing tracking of policy change and development of key legislation.

You can also view and filter individual regulatory alerts per region.