Alternative tobacco and nicotine products in Denmark

Heated tobacco is largely regulated in Denmark as a tobacco product, while snus cannot be sold, but individuals can import it for personal use. This page offers you all our complete coverage of this region, both from the market and regulatory perspective.

National regulatory framework: tobacco products

In Denmark, the Tobacco Products Act regulates in general terms tobacco products, notification requirements, age restrictions, and establishes a ban on oral tobacco, including snus.

The Executive Order on limit values, health warnings and age control system, etc. of tobacco products stipulates requirements for health warnings for smokeless tobacco products, which also apply to heated tobacco.

The Executive Order on reporting of tobacco products and herbal-based smoking products as well as notification of new categories of tobacco products details the notification requirements for tobacco products, including for heated tobacco.

Advertising of tobacco products, including heated tobacco, is regulated by the Executive Order of the Act on the Prohibition of Tobacco Advertising.

The Act amending the Tobacco Tax Act and the Act on various consumption taxes establishes taxes on tobacco products.

The Smoke-free environments Act restricts tobacco usage in public places.