Alternative tobacco and nicotine products in Romania

The draft law amending the legislative acts in the field of regulation of tobacco products was submitted in June 2019. The proposed measures would be implemented to combat the increasing use of heated tobacco products in the country, especially among minors. The main aims of the amendments is to further regulate advertising, which is believed to be the main force behind youth use. Here we display all our romanian-related market and regulatory content.

Tobacco-alternative products in Romania

Romania is among the European countries with the highest heated tobacco products penetration, making it a very important sales and distribution point for its two active brands in the market, Iqos and Glo.

According to the 2018 Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS), almost a third of Romania’s population smokes.

Despite the outdoor public ban on smoking, usage rates have been registering an increasing trend in recent years, although so have tobacco-alternatives, mainly driven by the growth of e-cigarettes.

More than twice as many respondents were aware of e-cigarettes than of heated tobacco, while the percentage of people who had tried e-cigarettes was more than three times that of those who had tried heated tobacco.

The previous indicators clearly demonstrate the level of maturity of the heated tobacco market in Romania compared with e-cigarettes. The tobacco-alternatives market seems to be mainly driven by e-cigarettes, which could be because they are used more as a smoking cessation method than heated tobacco products.

TobaccoIntelligence also used GATS 2018 data to understand the importance of the tobacco-alternative products as smoking cessation methods. E-cigarettes and heated tobacco were the most used.