Regulation and Legislation

Pakistan: prime minister’s withdrawal from webinar reveals tensions over tobacco products

13th May 2021 - Blog , Business briefing |

Pakistan’s prime minister Imran Khan cancelled a few days ago the country’s attendance at an event sponsored by Philip Morris Japan, after health advocates protested violation of the World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) and amid political tensions on the future of tobacco and smoke-free product regulation. The online webinar – […]

Will nicotine be the next menthol?

7th May 2021 - Blog , Business briefing |

The big news from the US Food and Drug Administration last week was a ban on menthol in combustible cigarettes, closing off a loophole that had allowed this one flavour to be marketed even after all others were forbidden. It may not happen any time soon – the agency’s cautiously-worded announcement said only that it is “working […]

Regulatory report: Belgium

23rd December 2020 - Regulatory reports |

This report on the current and near-future regulatory framework for tobacco-related products in Belgium covers heated tobacco (HnB), tobacco-free nicotine pouches and oral tobacco products