Regulatory reports

Regulatory report: Colombia, March 2022

Written by Laura Garay Gómez || 17th March 2022 || Regulatory reports |

Heated tobacco is not specifically regulated but it is subject to the overall Tobacco Act. Two bills are proposed to regulate heated tobacco, heating devices, snus and nicotine pouches ...

Regulatory report: Romania, January 2022

Written by Laura Garay Gómez || 27th January 2022 || Regulatory reports |

Current tobacco laws in Romania do not regulate heated tobacco or nicotine pouches. The new government may introduce legislation, or may wait to implement the forthcoming revised EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) ...

Regulatory report: Belgium, January 2022

Written by Lorenzo Guaragna || 10th January 2022 || Regulatory reports |

This report on the current and near-future regulatory framework for tobacco-related products in Belgium covers heated tobacco (HnB), tobacco-free nicotine pouches and oral tobacco products ...