Regulatory reports

This page includes all of our full-length regulatory reports. These provide a detailed overview of the current regulations for heated tobacco and other tobacco alternatives in individual countries. In addition to our country reports we also have reports on specific topics and products and the current rules around these, including modern oral products and other hybrid products.

Regulatory report: Dominican Republic

Written by Elsa Carrasco || 13th July 2021 || Regulatory reports |

Smoke-free tobacco products in the Dominican Republic are covered by general tobacco regulations. This report outlines the rules and how they apply to heat-not-burn (HnB) and oral tobacco products ...

Regulatory report: Belgium

Written by Elsa Carrasco || 23rd December 2020 || Regulatory reports |

This report on the current and near-future regulatory framework for tobacco-related products in Belgium covers heated tobacco (HnB), tobacco-free nicotine pouches and oral tobacco products ...

Regulatory report: Saudi Arabia – heated tobacco

Written by Lorenzo Guaragna || 9th December 2020 || Regulatory reports |

A standard setting up new health warnings and packaging requirements for heated tobacco products in Saudi Arabia was introduced in September 2020. This report covers the regulatory regime for these products in Saudi Arabia ...