Alternative tobacco and nicotine products in Canada

Heated tobacco products must follow tobacco regulation in Canada, where it comes under the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act. Don’t miss out on any key detailed insights on the market evolution and regulatory requirements of this region. This page compiles all our coverage.

National regulatory framework: Canada

The Tobacco and Vaping Products Act (TVPA) tackles product requirements, and advertising and retail restrictions in respect to tobacco and vaping products. The law stipulates that a tobacco product is made in whole or in part of tobacco and also covers a device that is necessary for the use of the tobacco product, as well as the parts used with the device. Based on this definition, the rules analysed here will be applicable to heated tobacco consumables, heated tobacco devices, and traditional tobacco-containing snus.

Tobacco products and heated tobacco devices must comply with the Tobacco Products Regulations (Plain and Standardized Appearance) and Tobacco Products Information Regulations – which stipulate mandatory packaging requirements – but also with the Tobacco Reporting Regulations which detail the reporting requirements.

The Non-smokers’ Health Act stipulates rules on public place usage of tobacco and vaping products.

The Excise Act sets excise taxes on tobacco products.