This report focuses on the nicotine consumption journey in the UK by analysing the time periods for which each respondent has used tobacco alternatives – such as vaping products and nicotine pouches – in addition to the time they have used traditional cigarettes. It aims to identify patterns and gain insight into what a typical nicotine journey looks like in the UK and users’ reasons for switching from one nicotine alternative to another.

TobaccoIntelligence collected responses from a total of 1,315 adult users who have tried vaping and/or nicotine pouches at least once. Data was collected in May and June of 2022 via a third-party consumer panel provider, and demographic quotas were set for the data collection.

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Table of contents

  1. Executive summary
  2. Introduction
  3. Current vapers and nicotine pouch users
  4. First nicotine experience
  5. Reasons to try nicotine alternatives for the first time
  6. The free sample success
  7. Quitting nicotine with the aid of vaping
  8. Who tries tobacco alternatives?
  9. The context of using nicotine pouches
  10. Former vapers’ journey
  11. Quitting nicotine

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