There are no age restrictions on the federal level for nicotine pouches in Austria, but this is likely to change soon.

Oral tobacco, including snus and chewing tobacco, is prohibited.

Age restrictions on nicotine pouches are likely to be imposed in the near future, if the government draft proposal is passed.

This report provides a detailed overview of the regulatory framework currently in place in Austria for oral tobacco and nicotine pouches, covering all policy areas from product and packaging restrictions, to advertising and taxation.

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Table of contents

  1. Executive summary
  2. Outlook
  3. Austria: the basics
  4. National regulatory framework
  5. Age restrictions
  6. Product restrictions
  7. Labelling and packaging
  8. Obligation to notify
  9. Retail channel restrictions
  10. Public usage
  11. Advertising and marketing
  12. Taxation
  13. Sanctions
  14. Relevant laws
  15. Relevant bodies

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