Author: Elsa Carrasco

Regulatory report: Dominican Republic

Written by Elsa Carrasco || 13th July 2021 || Regulatory reports |

Smoke-free tobacco products in the Dominican Republic are covered by general tobacco regulations. This report outlines the rules and how they apply to heat-not-burn (HnB) and oral tobacco products ...

Regulatory report: Belgium

Written by Elsa Carrasco || 23rd December 2020 || Regulatory reports |

This report on the current and near-future regulatory framework for tobacco-related products in Belgium covers heated tobacco (HnB), tobacco-free nicotine pouches and oral tobacco products ...

Regulatory report: Romania

Written by Elsa Carrasco || 16th April 2020 || Regulatory reports |

A draft law to amend the regulation of tobacco products in Romania was submitted in June 2019, aimed at combatting the increasing use of heated tobacco products in the country ...