IQOS popularity in Lithuania: the focus group

TobaccoIntelligence conducted a focus group with Lithuanian IQOS users to understand how they learnt about this smoking alternative, what motivates them to continue using IQOS, what they like and dislike about the experience, and what they think about the future ...
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Table of contents

1 Executive summary
2 Introduction
3 Smoking and vaping habits and nicotine replacement therapy
4 Purchase channels
5 Initiation of IQOS
6 Likes, dislikes and improvements of IQOS
7 Recommendations to other people
8 Current and future use of IQOS
9 Image and IQOS association
10 Conclusions

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“ IQOS popularity in Lithuania: the focus group ”

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    “ IQOS popularity in Lithuania: the focus group ”

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