Snus and oral

TobaccoIntelligence compliance calendar

13th May 2022 - Regulatory data |

The TobaccoIntelligence compliance calendar provides key regulatory deadline dates applicable to the heated tobacco, oral tobacco and other alternative tobacco sectors in key markets all over the world. View deadlines and add them to your own calendar to stay ahead of upcoming changes to regulations and restrictions applicable to sales, packaging, taxation and product requirements.

Bill to strengthen nicotine product rules to be discussed tomorrow…

9th May 2022 - Alerts | Europe, Sweden |

US state regulatory tracker: modern oral tobacco products Q1 2022

14th April 2022 - Regulatory data |

This tracker covers modern oral tobacco regulation in 25 US states and highlights relevant bills that specifically target modern oral tobacco products. It shows the intention of the state legislatures on specifically regulating modern oral tobacco products (or not). In addition, we provide an analysis of the probability of these bills passing the legislative process.

TobaccoIntelligence modern oral tobacco market size Q4 2021

4th February 2022 - Market data |

TobaccoIntelligence has studied the growth of the modern oral market to provide forecasts of market size and user numbers up to 2025. The data includes a breakdown of the market value of snus and nicotine pouch categories, as well as the oral and nasal nicotine products usage levels in 11 markets; Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA.